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Pennsylvania Rescue!

If you are in the state of Pennsylvania and have a desire to help, please make some phone calls, donate your time, or money to this incredible endeavor! 80+ rare New Guinea Singing Dogs found to be hoarded by one man.  It's a heart-wrenching story but the depths that folks are going to in order to save their lives is phenomenal!!

While these dogs have been inbred and will all require desexing, this is an incredible opportunity for zoos and wildlife sanctuary, not to mention experienced wild animal keepers, to educate the public about these rare but wonderful creatures from Papua New Guinea.

Join our FB page to keep up on details or help support their cause!

The girls are doing well :)

Just got an e-mail from D in Kansas and the girls are doing very well. They've adjusted to the cold winters and have made quite a few friends too. Their diets consist of raw chicken backs and egg mixed with kibble. They still love their deer and beef bones :) I'm hoping to see them in the Spring!!

Missing the girls :(

It's been since Nov that I last saw the girls in Kansas and I miss them terribly. But... from what D has told me, they're doing wonderfully. They've become quite acquainted with the other Singers and Beta has actually warmed up to him. Alpha, who's always been social, is enjoying the attention from D and J and also the other Singers. I'm sure the total group has quite the impressive choir going when they start singing! I am planning a trip back in the Spring to bring one of them back with me. The other will remain with D in hopes that she'll be a viable candidate for the breeding program. Looking forward to seeing them again :)

Needing to find a home for them!

Well, my mother's surgery is imminent. I'll know this evening when it's being scheduled. It's a risky procedure and she'll be in the ICU for at least 5 days afterwards. Recovery is going to take another 6 months and I don't know how long I'll need to remain in Kansas.

My attempts to find someone to take the girls is frustrating. The Tacoma Point Defiance Zoo was very brusque when they informed me, "We are not taking new exhibits at this time." There are a few smaller local organizations that are willing to take the girls until I return, but I have a few concerns;
1) Not sure how long I'll be gone.
2) Don't think they (the organizations) know what they're getting into .... I think the novelty of owning a pair of endangered dogs is more of an incentive then trying to provide them a good home.

The ideal situation would be to see if Don (in Kansas) would take them but I know he's already inundated with his 12+ Singers as well as the other animals he has. Tom has wonderfully volunteered to switch them out with his Singer but the idea is to find homes for BOTH girls. I can't take on any new dogs at the moment. He's also offered to work with them on their aggression issues towards each other. While I know his intentions are good, I'm scared the girls could/and would do serious damage to each other if allowed to interact physically.

My last attempt was to send a letter to the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim. It's been a favorite of our family's since we moved to Wa in '96. I hope to hear from them soon.

Otherwise, I don't see any other choice but to turn the girls over to the Humane Society and wish for the best.

At odds...

Geez... ever since we got back from our trip and Beta's return, I can't allow the girls to be in the same area at the same time. They literally try to destroy each other! Both have now drawn blood and even though I switched out on muzzling one (while the other had on a lead) the one who WASN'T muzzled always attacked first.

Beta goes into a penned area daily since she has absolutely no fear of the correction fence. I watched her loose in the yard last week and while her collar "pinged" away, she continued to claw and scratch at the weak spot of the fence until it gave way and she was out.... It's as if she's blocked out the correction shock temporarily while she makes her escape.

Alpha, while running free in the yard, with her collar on, always heads over to Beta's penned area and instigates a fight by growling, biting at the gate and snapping at Beta. To give Beta a little more room to roam, I put her on a lead early in the morning and once again in the evening and take her for a long walk. Alpha goes bananas as soon as we head out the door.

I took Beta to Petco with me last Saturday and there were several events going on so it was full of people and their animals. A couple walked up to me and asked when I got Beta. I told them I had her for at least a year now and they wanted to know if she had been running free recently. I admitted she had JUST returned the night before and they informed me they had tried to catch/bribe her with horse treats a few days before.

They identified her all the way down to the correction collar she had been wearing. Curious, I asked them where they lived. Much to my surprise they were across the city and down by the water. That's about three miles from where we live! I was amazed that Beta had made it all the way over to Manette AND returned! Almost makes me want to attach a GPS on her and send her off again... Almost, not quite!

Another thing I've noticed since she's gotten out and run free a bit... she's more social! She used to cower when anyone came near or someone came out into the yard. Taking a walk was a nightmare, scared of cars, people, noises. I literally had to pick her up and carry her on the trip back home. Now she walks ahead of me down the road, tail in the air, curious about everything.

Ready to shoot a neighbor!

I really should calm down before I post this but I'm so angry right now that the best thing for me to do is get it out of my system....

My son called about an hour ago to let me know a raccoon had gotten into the yard.  Unfortunately, the masked bandit didn't take into consideration the girls were outside also.  Now while I feel sorry for the now deceased raccoon, I have absolutely NO sympathy for my neighbor who, while witnessing the attack and subsequent demise of said raccoon, decided he was going to break up the scene.  By throwing a ceramic bowl at the girls.  My son A and his friends were outside when this occurred and knew better than to try and stop the girls when they were in their "prey and kill" mode.  There's nothing they could have done anyway.... When the plate went bouncing off Beta's head, A went a bit crazy himself.  He threw the bowl back at the neighbor and proceeded to berate him up one side and down the other... with no less than at least a dozen choice and derogatory words.  o.O

I've had it with this neighbor... period! The girls are petrified of him, they've lost weight, refuse to eat outside, won't venture near the fence on his side, panic when they hear the waterhose (I know he squirts them when he's outside watering his yard) and walk restlessly around the yard when they ARE outside. 

I called the Humane Society and asked them what my recourse was... apparently since he didn't injure any of the dogs when he threw the plate (there's a line/scrape on Beta's head but this could have come from the fight with the raccoon) nor do we have evidence/proof that he's harrassing, scaring, etc. the girls, there's nothing we can do at this time except file a report.  An officer could go to his house and have a talk with him but truthfully, I think that would stir him up more and cause him to harm them more often.  Whether it's through his yelling, the waterhose or tossing stuff at them from his side of the yard.

Fortuntalely, his wife just called me here at work to inform me what was happening.  I told her I already knew what was going on and I thanked her for calling me since I wanted to talk to her but didn't want to chance her husband picking up the phone... there's no telling what I would have said to him if he had.  She said she understood.  I explained to her that I took her and her husband into consideration with the dogs.  That's why they don't go outside until noon and they're back in the house by 8pm.   Usually there's someone there with them after 3pm...  I told her my girls are terrified of her husband and she explained that he didn't want to hurt them, he just wanted to break them up since Z (my 5 y/o daughter) was also outside and he didn't want her witnessing the attack.

Whew... I'm so frustrated with him right now and I'm not looking forward to going home, which is in a few minutes.  I've asked A and his friends to write up what they witnessed and have it ready for me to file back to the Humane Society when I get home.

Spring is here? Finally!

Yea! After our four day deluge of rain last week I'm so excited for this weekend's weather! Upper 60's, sunny and clear! What a great Mother's Day gift :)

I'd been allowing the girls to stay indoors longer during the day when the weather was so inclement but now I think they're ready to head out earlier.  If only I can convince my neighbors it's for the benefit of the dogs.  Can't see them cooped up in carriers on a beautiful day when they could be outside.  We'll take it slow and see what happens!

Yesterday I came home for lunch and discovered they were already OUTSIDE! Apparently the truant son left for school later than usual and to avoid the tyrannical mother's fury he decided to appease me slightly by letting the dogs out and feeding them.... *shakes head*   I took a video of them from the side of the house.  They didn't know I was there and it was really funny to see Beta's initial expression when she saw me first! 

See the clip here:*Note: To see it in High Definition, click on the HQ link*

Spring is in the AIR!

The girls are having a blast as the days become warmer! They love rolling in the ankle high grass (yea... it might be time for me to break out the lawnmower) and chasing each other around the pond.  Most sunny days will find them basking on the RV platform area... soaking up the heat from the concrete.

They seem to be getting skinnier though... Not sure why since I feed them pretty much the same thing daily.  I wonder if I'll need to start adding more protein to their diet.  At the moment, both get a whole egg mixed with their canned and dry food.

Beta is still shy around A's guests but the surprise recently has been Alpha.  Just within the past couple of weeks she's been greeting me with her ears folded down in a submissive kind of stance.  Not sure if the teens have been messing with her or if something happened to make her docile and seemingly afraid like that... :(


Following directions!!

Wow! I can't believe it! It's been just a little over a year now and today was the VERY FIRST day that both the girls came back into the house on command!! Woohoo!! Usually I have to coax them close enough to snag a collar or grab them near the door to get them to come inside but over the past couple of weeks, I've tried a different tactic.

Since Alpha is the most difficult to catch or coax into the house I try to get her in first.  Once she's in, I sit in the doorway and talk gently to Beta.  She comes close, gives a quick  bark with a head toss and takes off running again.  Within the last month she's gradually come closer and closer, usually crawling on her belly or sliding forward with her head and left side on the ground.  It looks very submissive!

Within the last couple of days, both dogs will come close to the door, stick their heads into the doorway and with much coaxing, finally come inside.  This morning was the first time that I opened the door, called to them and both walked straight into the room without me attempting to grab a collar or having to coax them!! Such good girls!! 

RATS!!! *squeeeeeeee*

Forgot I had let the dogs out this morning and went to work thinking they were inside...  Came home for lunch and didn't hear them as soon as I opened the garage door.  That's usually their cue that I've arrived and normally prompts a set of howls :) No howls....

Walked into the family room and saw their kennel door open.  For a second I thought A had let them out but then I remembered.... I didn't bring them back in this morning.  Looked out the back glass door and saw both of them circling their outside crate inside the big pen.  Running around and bumping heads only to turn around and head in the opposite direction once more.

I watched, fascinated as Beta pounced.  I heard a small squeak and viola!!  She had a rat in her mouth!  I opened the door and stepped outside, congratulating her!  She ran off, shaking the rat violently and eventually dropped it (dead) on the ground.  She ran back to me, tail wagging as I knelt down and scruffed her head and the side of her body.  She ran back to the rat and carried it a few more feet before depositing it again and then headed off to the bushes.  Both girls were snuffling and alert as they paced back and forth along the fenceline (a KNOWN rat haven).

I grabbed the rat by the tail and proceeded to toss it into a trash bag when I almost stumbled across another one!  Surprised, I looked around and saw.... another one! Eventually, by the time I grabbed a bucket and surveyed the entire area, I found a total of FOUR whole rats and one half-eaten one... They were scattered in different areas so I can only presume the girls caught 'em, shook 'em to death and dropped them before heading off to find more!  I thought it had rained dead rats in my yard!!

I made their customary lunch but they didn't seem too interested in it.  Which surprised me since I had used up the rest of the pork roast to mix within their food.  Guess they were having too much fun catching young juvenile rats :)


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